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Experience Leading Edge Diversity Education
Two-Day Institute in Garden City, Kansas

"This is going to be great," said Linda Trujillo, Title III Coordinator for Garden City Schools, discussing by phone the Third Annual Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners Education Institute, which she is organizing for July 28th and July 29th in Garden City. The list of presenters reads like a "Who's Who" of diversity education in America today. The event is sponsored by Diverse Educational Solutions, of Alexandria, Virginia, and information about the available strands as well as registration details are at Educators interested in participating in this learning fest can also contact Linda Trujillo by e-mail at or by phone at 620-276-5155 for more information.

Among the highlights:

"Secondary Education Sheltered Instruction," by Ron Rohac, California State University at Long Beach

The sessions of this strand will provide concrete, next step, approaches, techniques and strategies related to:
  • Sheltered, linguistic skill development in L2 for secondary CLD students
  • Enchancing content-area achievement among secondary CLD students
  • Accommodation of differential learning needs among CLD students

    The presentation will develop and explain the S.D.A.I.E. (Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English) approach to teaching content to ELL students in the content classroom by example. That is, teachers will interact with real lesson materials from math, science, social studies and language arts at a secondary level that reflects S.D.A.I.E. or a "sheltered" approach. Strategies for questioning, graphic organizers, scaffolding, attacking, reading skills, problem solving and assessment will be included in the workshop. (Description from Diverse Education Solutions brochure)

  • "Cross-Cultural Dynamics of Education for CLD Students," by George Comiskey, Lubbock School, Texas

    The sessions of this strand will provide concrete, next step, approaches, techniques and strategies related to:
  • Analyzing the impact of race relations on the learning environment
  • Fostering of a cross-cultural environment conducive to open communication
  • Maximization of the cross-cultural dynamics which will arise among adolescent students, in school and school-related activities

    Participants will:

  • explore the video "Skin Deep" and share personal responses
  • discuss the bigger picture of racism
  • talk about personal experiences of racism
  • find action steps to address racism

    One of the most important discussions can take place today in an honest exchange about race and ethnicity. You can make the discussion happen by watching "Skin Deep" with your colleagues, then taking the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings openly while learning the perspectives offered by others in the audience. This session promises to be active, interactive and enlightening. (Description from Diverse Education Solutions brochure)

  • "Adult Learning: Principles, Practices and What Works," by Dr. Jane Adams, Executive Director, Keys for Networking, Inc.

    Keys for Networking staff will present best practices in the arena of adult learning principles and strategies. With the presentation, staff will also demonstrate successful models for adult instruction, including CD-ROM and online materials for parents and teachers.

    "WEBBES: Empowering Children Through Personal Authorship," by Dr. Robert Fanning and Dr. Margaret Walpole

    All children, from Pre-K through grade 12, believe that they can write a book. Taking advantage of revolutionary yet readily available technology will help teachers and support staff to transform classrooms into their very own publishing companies. All you need are a computer, word processor, digital camera, color printer, access to the Internet and training.

    Both presenters--Dr. Walpole and Dr. Fanning--have developed and operated state and federal supplemental education programs in numerous states for the last 29 years. They will present a dynamic, scientifically-research designed program (WEBBES) that: 1)allows English language learners important access to the wonderful world of reading and literacy; 2)increases parental involvement in a child's learning; and 3)expands the number of bilingual printed materials for school libraries, at minimal cost.

    Other strands include:

    "Legal Rights of Immigrants and Migrant Students," by Roger Rosenthal, J.D.

    "Research on Second Language Learners and Program Implementation," by Dr. Catherine Collier and Dr. Wayne Thomas

    "Early Childhood Literacy," by Laura Cano, Garden City, Kansas

    "Programming Leadership for CLD Students," by Dr. Nancy L. Commins, Boulder Valley Schools, Colorado

    "Elementary School Sheltered Instruction," by Dr. Jo Gusman

    "Special Needs and English Language Learners," by Dr. Alba Ortiz, University of Texas-Austin

    "Reading and the Second Language Learner," by Dr. Kathy Escamilla

    According to Linda Trujillo, this national institute is specifically designed for educators, school administrators, regular classroom teachers, ESL/Bilingual educators, support staff, university teachers, trainers and professionals.

    Each institute strand is either a one-day or two-day, full day session.
    Travel to Garden City, Kansas, is greatly simplified by the city's proximity to three major airports (Denver, Wichita, Kansas City) as well as several smaller regional airports with shuttle flights to those major hubs. Do you need another reason to come to K-A-N-S-A-S for an institute on teaching diverse learners? Try this: the culturally and linguistically diverse population in Kansas schools is growing at three times the national rate, according to the Kansas State Department of Education.

    Come to where "it's going on" this summer: Western Kansas!

    Announcement by Robb Scott, Hays, KANSAS

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