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Feb 2003

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February 2003

Achievement Profile: Meet Don and Maxine Huffman
After a lifetime dedicated to scholarly pursuits and cross-cultural understanding, Professors Don and Maxine Huffman now devote themselves to projects involving travel, higher education and ESL consulting. Their current passion is China.
Teaching Can't Be Packaged, by Costas Gabrielatos
Costas Gabrielatos, an ESL professional who is working on his Ph.D. at Lancaster University, United Kingdom, thinks commercial interests and a disciple mentality drive most of the debates surrounding second language acquisition.
Exercising Verbal Memory in ESL, by Robb Scott
Context and memory are interwoven in their respective effects on the language learning process, according to Robb Scott, ESL MiniConference editor.
Head East: Conference Gems Coming to New York & New Jersey
At a time when most eyes are turned to the TESOL Convention in Baltimore, there are a couple of smaller gatherings in late February and early March well worth a journey to New Jersey or New York. On February 22nd, the NYSTESOL Applied Linguistics SIG is sponsoring a Winter Conference (its 25th annual), with the theme of "The Bilingual ESL Learner." On March 6th, NJTESOL-NJBE is sponsoring a "Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Children" conference. If you're looking for the cutting edge, this is it.