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Winter 2005-2006

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Bruce A. Veldhuisen, Founder and CEO, TEFL International
New ESL MiniConference Profile

Bruce A. Veldhuisen

1. What is your main ESL activity now?

We offer four-week TESOL certificate courses in 17 cities around the world. In 2005 we should surpass Trinity as the second largest certificate course in the world with approximately 2,500 graduates.

We are now developing ESL schools in India, China, Vietnam and South Korea and an Immersion program in Thailand.

We are developing an English singing contest in Asia that will be televised initially by Channel 3 in Thailand.

2. How did you start your ESL related career?

I began teaching English in 1992 when I was stranded in Hong Kong. My teaching has been greatly influenced by my own experience studying Cantonese and Mandarin--basically that the study of texts and memorizing vocabulary was a complete waste of my time!

3. What are some of the language/culture backgrounds with which you are most familiar?

I am lucky enough to travel around the world and see a variety of different styles. I think it is obvious that students learn despite us, not because of us.

4. If you had to give three pieces of advice to a new teacher working with English language learners, what would these be?

1. Get out of their way!

2. Let them have fun.

3. Do not take your job too seriously.

Interview by Robb Scott

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