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Message from the KATESOL/BE President and First Vice-President

Dear KATESOL Members,

We are so excited to be working with KATESOL/BE this year! Through our work in Kansas during the past decade, both of us have been impressed by the dedication of educators in districts across the state on behalf of culturally and linguistically diverse students. As an organization, KATESOL has advocated for English language learners for nearly a quarter of a century. Dr. Della Perez, KATESOL/BE PresidentWith the growing ELL population in the State of Kansas, now more than ever is the time for our organization to spotlight the needs of CLD learners and their families.

We are delighted that K-State and the CIMA Center will be hosting the 2006 KATESOL/BE Conference, February 3-4, in Manhattan. Our theme this year is "What's Next? New Trends in Language Learning," with strands in literacy, brain research, and special education. In addition to our standard presentations, there will also be invited speakers from within the State of Kansas to spotlight outstanding programs, projects, educators and students. These spotlighted speakers will provide practical strategies and tips for working with CLD students, through hands-on and interactive sessions. We highly encourage you to submit a proposal and take part in this year's conference, whether you are a student, a new teacher, an experienced teacher, a teacher educator, an author, or a parent involved in language learning activities.

As our CLD student population continues to grow, we envision collaborative efforts among educators through the KATESOL/BE network. One goal is to increase membership numbers within KATESOL in order to open the lines of communication across the state. A second goal is to highlight the needs of our CLD students and the innovative approaches available to educators to address those needs.

A third goal is to continue existing partnerships with organizations across the state in a synergistic effort to strengthen our combined voice as we advocate for the rights and needs of CLD learners.

This year promises to be the most exciting yet in the history of KATESOL/BE. With your support, we will build on the solid foundation that has been established by past leaders, executive committees, and members like you. Together we can help make our students' future one in which they can find their voices and use them to excel academically, culturally and personally.

As we approach this new year, we look forward to hearing from you. Given the range of experiences and insights offered by our members, we are confident that the great tradition of KATESOL will continue.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding KATESOL, please feel free to contact us at any time at dperez@ksu.edu. Thank you for everything you do. We look forward to an exciting year!

Dr. Della Perez, KATESOL President (2005-2006)
Dr. Socorro Herrera, KATESOL Vice-President (2005-2006)

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