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June 2003

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Independent Learning Conference

Call for Participation: O. Dean Gregory Festschrift

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June 2003

Report from Kyoto's JALT Pan-SIG Conference
Under the new plan, any additions to the automated ERIC database will be made by a group of clerks from a pre-approved list of journals, conferences, associations and organizations. Expert monitoring of the quality of research acquired for the database will be eliminated and important contributions from many colleges and independent scholars will no longer be part of the database.
Inaugural Conference for the Independent Learning Association
On September 13-14, 2003, the University of Melbourne, Australia, will host the inaugural conference of the Independent Learning Association ( "This is a conference for practitioners, academics and researchers involved in English language self-access centers and independent learning centers," explained Moira Hobbs, one of the conference organizers, in an e-mail to ESL MiniConference Online, "and for those teachers with an interest in the development of learner autonomy."
Festschrift to Honor Dr. O. Dean Gregory
The O. Dean Gregory Festschrift will be published online and will constitute the entire monthly edition of the ESL MiniConference newsletter for October, 2003. Articles are invited on themes of interest and concern to Dr. Gregory, from anyone who interacted with him as a classmate, a colleague, a student, an employer, an employee or a friend.