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David B. Hopkins Festschrift
David B. Hopkins Festschrift

A TEFL Shining Star
Contributed by Saad Saleh

I would like to express my appreciation for the exceptional training assistance that Dave has provided to English language teachers in the different places where he worked. Several teachers whom I met or talked to praised his work ethic and his ability to “get the job done and done right.”

Dave was my MA teacher at Ain-Shams University – CDELT (Center for Developing English Language Teaching). Since 1985 we have been in touch to talk about the recent trends in language teaching. Between 1985 and 1987, Dave was willing to help me run training courses for English teachers at the New Valley – Egypt (AL-Wadi Al-Gadid), 800 km. south west of Egypt. It was the first time for teachers in such an area to get a real TEFL training course. One of the best experiences that I gained from him was to challenge the textbooks. Once we found the teacher’s guide pages, which we were supposed to teach, were blank and Dave said, “No problem. We’ll write them.” For me, it was a successful training course that we ran together and unforgettable experience.

I’d like to assure that wherever Dave works he gains the enviable reputation as the “shining star” in the training profession. Dave should be truly proud of the outstanding contributions he has made to the field of professional development with his practical ways and techniques of teaching English as a foreign language.

Dr. Saad Abdul Maguid Saleh
Educational Expert- Academic Supervisor
Imam Muhammed Ibn Saud Islamic University

2012 ESL MiniConference Online