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October-November 2002

Achievement Profile: Meet Setsuko Toyama
I met Setsuko Toyama many years ago at a Niigata JALT monthly meeting when she was the membership chair. Now she is one of the most popular writers of children's ESL/EFL texts in Japan--and the world! Read and learn from her insights about teaching language to children.
Achievement Profile: Meet Karen Stanley
Who isn't familiar with Karen Stanley's stewardship of the TESL-JB listserv, and her many other important contributions to the development of our ESL teaching profession? In this interview, you'll see what drives Karen Stanley to advocate for better working conditions for ESL/EFL teachers around the world.
Achievement Profile: Meet Jerry Esfeld
Mrs. Esfeld teaches much more than language arts at Jefferson Elementary School in Great Bend, Kansas, where she has taught the fourth grade since 1965. If you want to know what's right about public school education in America, read this interview!
Achievement Profile: Meet Peggy Hull
Peggy Hull has been around the world and still her love of diverse cultures and languages has not settled down. She is the director of the ESL program at Dodge City Community College, in Dodge City, Kansas, but very soon she'll be off again--this time to Mexico--to keep learning!
Article: How Colorado Stopped English Only
How did Colorado educators stop Proposition 31, and what does this mean for the future of Ron Unz and English Only?
Article: Generating Discussions on
The key is providing an incentive which encourages students to interact online. Sound easy? Find out how.