Peace as a Global Language Conference, September 2004

January 2004

How Much Comprehensible Input is Enough?

Willie Nelson Provides New ESL/EFL Teaching Resource

Electronic Village Online Sessions

Michael Two Horses, 1953-2003

Preview of September Peace Conference in Kyoto

Update: Interview with ESL MiniConference Editor

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January 2004

New Willie Nelson Song a Boon for ESL/EFL Teaching
One challenge for a teacher wishing to harness the energy of real-world news to generate interest and facilitate the progress of students in ESL and EFL classrooms is selecting relevant current events and engaging students in communication activities built around topics and issues derived from those events....
Does Formal Grammar Instruction Have Any Role?
A recent discussion about formal versus informal language teaching, on the JALTTALK listserv, led one participant, Charles Adamson, of Miyagi University, to describe the results from his use of Suggestopedia and massive amounts of comprehensible input to help Japanese learners accelerate their English language acquisition process....
Obituary for Michael Two Horses
Mr. Two Horses will be remembered for his exhaustively brilliant research and writing and his passionately honest dedication to human rights, particularly with respect to American Indian treaty rights, spiritual rights, and cultural rights....
Update: Interview with ESL MiniConference Editor Robb Scott
"...the driving spirit behind the ESL MiniConference newsletter is my intuition that we can recreate online a never-ending conference atmosphere, where novice, seasoned and, occasionally, worn-out, ESL/EFL professionals from around the world can find information, ideas, approaches and, above all, motivation to continue giving of themselves in their particular classroom, school and community settings. Many of the best ideas for new stories in the ESL MiniConference come from our readers, nearly 9,000 per month and growing...."
Early Alert: Global Peace Conference in Kyoto, Japan
The "Peace as a Global Language" Conference will be held September 24th, 25th and 26th, 2004, at the Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University, in Kyoto, Japan.The "Peace as a Global Language" Conference (PGL) invites educators, students, activists and others interested in peace and global studies to submit presentation proposals to their third annual conference.....