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April IAY Graduation, Dec. 20th, 2001
Speech by Alberto Alvarez, April IAY internship student

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I know many people have been waiting for this speech. Robb, I know. Finally, I have my speech ready for the graduation.

Alberto Alvarez remembers the Sept. 11 attacksIt's been a while since all of April IAY students arrived in New York eight months ago. I remember our first day. It was really, really impressive. I remember Robb's talk about homesickness, up, down, up, down; Charlie, with the house issues; David, with activities.

I think New York is one of the best cities all over the world, a perfect choice to study English, learn more about American culture and have a good time.

In my case, I came here looking for all of these things, and I think I choosed the right city. As Frank Sinatra sang in his famous song, "New York, New York," if I can make it there, I can make it anywhere.

We are living in a world that goes faster every day. Internet, the new technologies, make now possible things that we could never have dreamed 50 years ago. And this makes the world a global world, so any experience abroad, I think, is positive, even necessary.

After eight months, I think that this has been one of the best experience in my whole life, for sure.

I can't avoid in this speech something really sad. Of course, it's September 11th.

All of us felt shock when we saw the Twin Towers collapse. Was really terrible. After this, I think the world won't be the same again. I think there always will be a before and after September 11th.

I think that all of us will remember what we were doing that day, when, in our class or, personally, I was in Queens. I had to walk through the Queensborough, it was really, really hard, hard experience.

But now I think America can feel what we felt in Europe or in other countries about terrorisms, where we have had terrorists for long years now, since, such a bad experience.

It was terrible, but I think we must be positive and look ahead. And, as we were read in many places during these eight months, after the attack, of course, "United We Stand."

I just can say that I really enjoyed my life in New York City: friends, party, parties, museums, trips, spring, summer, fall, internship in a law firm. For me it was one of the main purpose to come here, so I think I'm glad to come, to have this experience for my life and for my resume.

I know that my attendance wasn't good enough sometimes. Sometimes it's difficult to keep it. A lot of students understand me when I say this, I think. But, anyway, I'm glad here to be making this speech because, as you all know, I'm one of the best students in Aspect.

So, thank you. I will never forget you.