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April IAY Graduation, Dec. 20th, 2001
Speech by Alejandro Yanez, April IAY student council member

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Alejandro Yanez, honored April IAY speakerThank you, everybody. Good afternoon. Well, I want to say Aspect is one of the most important institutions around the world. And all this time I enjoyed so much and I have a lot of feelings here with the people and especially the people who came here from other parts of the world. I know I learned fantastic customs, especially the cultures and everything.

The most important here--and I never forget--is especially my teachers. My very special teacher, Ilona, thank you so much for your class because your class is so fun, it's great, it's wonderful, you can learn so much in your class. [Ilona Vinklerova replies, "Thank you very much, but you've done a great job, Alejandro."]

And another teacher, Lao, I'll never forget, with your games. And of course, Cheyenne, Chico, ahora me graduo, now I graduate. And also, you, Curt, your class is wonderful, and you are a actor. And Jeff, because with Jeff I enjoy. His class is wonderful. You can learn a lot of vocabulary and everything--it's great. And you, my academic director, you are the best academic director here. You are amazing. You are wonderful.

And thank you, thank you so much for everything and for the group of hard workers who always stay with respect to the students--Anna, Robb and also Charlie and Christine and David. Thanks for everything.

And for my friends I say I want to stay, keep in touch with everybody. Thank you.