Thanks to Chris Renner for generating these minutes and disseminating within hours of the meeting.

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Minutes from KATESOL/BE Board Meeting, held in Salina on 18 September 2004.


Members present:  Robb Scott, Kristin Grayson, Stephanie McGinley, Janet Booth, Christopher E. Renner, Debra Stevens.

Financial report

Debra put 5,000 into a Certificate of Deposit that matures in December.  Checking: $5,415.37.  Savings: $1,044.11 Total 11,459.48

196 members; Debra said it was helpful to contact via email a month before membership expires and has had a good result in getting members to renew; has had several Gary Co. school staff join.

Kansas News

Janet Booth is member at large from the eastern part of the state; she reported Olathe has started a ESOL new program using the center models where students are brought to a school rather than the ESOL teacher going to the various schools.  Jane will inform Olathe USD about the conference at a school in-service on Tuesday.


Western Kansas... momentum is strong and will work with Nancy to get information out to members of the Title III consortium.   Kristen has invited Melanie Stuart to do a workshop in Oakley in mid-November.  She will also speak about the new student assessment at the KATESOL/BE conference as well.

No one attended at the affiliate council meeting, which was held in August.  I am including the message about the resignation from the NABE Board of
Silvana Carlos here.  The message is from Zaida A. Cintron, Ph.D., NABE Board President:

---begin paste ----
Dear Affiliate members:  I hope this is a great, productive academic year for all of you.  Please let us know if we can help in any way to make this a successful year. 

As you know, we have a vacancy on the NABE Board.  We would like to have a full board for our next meeting in October, since we have a full agenda and will be very busy in the upcoming months with preparations for our Conference in January.  To that effect the Board will hold an executive session by conference call early next week.

We would like to obtain input from our Affiliates for this process.  While the bylaws establish that the decision be made by the Board, we believe that this is a good opportunity to continue the communication we've tried to establish with our Affiliates and to have your participation.

If you would like to have the Board consider a nominee, I would request that you submit ONE name to me by e-mail by Friday
6PM (CT).

All submissions will be discussed at the conference call meeting.  Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter.

--end pasted message ---

TESOL News -

Statement on B1 visa which helps IEP programs.   TESOL is preparing a statement about Title 1 changes.

Nominations of New Officers

December newsletter will carry the ballot.  Need a new vice president; Janet Booth's position is up for election; need a new editor with a commitment for 2 - 3 years.   Should also be willing to attend the editors meeting at TESOL. 

Would be great to know who will be the new vice-president before hand so that we can have some idea about where the annual conference will be.

KATESOL/BE Honor Roll -
Robb talked about the idea to have 10 teachers - one from each State School Board member district- and 5 from Higher Ed IPE, Adult Ed, teacher educators...maybe it would be a good idea to have the IHEs nominate some of their students from their endorsement programs...
Guidelines for nominations will be circulated; Robb will send a draft of outline and board will provide feedback; then will post guidelines and will inform interested parties; suggest that Melanie Stuart be provided with nominations form that she could send out to district ESOL Directors/Coordinators.

Board will come up with a rubric to determine who gets the award.

Conference Budget

Kristin presented a budget which covered the cost of the conference from three scenarios...

Budget 1, reflects
Variable is on the lunch,,, we need to get a tax exempt certificate so that we don't have to pay sales tax.  Go for state sales tax exempt status.

Facilities fee $3,00 per person for Friday and $6.00 per person, for Saturday.

Have reserved 6 rooms which are "smart" rooms for the technology strand.  One room will be dedicated for vendors to show their products with a change of $50.00 per session. 

Budget 2 - Jones institute does in-house conferencing for ESU. 

Kristin has visited with Jones institute and has come up with a proposal which cuts the cost of the use of ESU, but we will have to give the Jones Institute some of our take.  The cost for the Jones Institute is $3,000.

Budget 3 - reflects the possibility of ESU lowering the cost of step up and other charges.

Kim Kreicker needs to keep in close contact with Debra, our Treasure, because that is our tradition person in change of the vendors. 

Kristin wants to have ESL students produce the center piece for tables and encourage displays of  ESOL student work including art, writing, presentations from content classes etc.

Robb moved that we approve budget two and approves spending $3,000 for the Jones Institute.  Stefanie second.  Motion carried unanimously. 

KATESOL Conference
Registration fees are: $40.00 early bird and $75.00 on-sight.  Regular is $50.00.  Robb discussed two mechanisms which need to be in place: 1) Some people are going to send their registration to Debra and she will need to have a way to get that information to the Jones institute; and, 2) Kim will need to have the same mechanism for vendors.

Christopher and Kristin will be in charge of judicating the proposals. 

No refund policy in case of snow.   This needs to be indicated on the registration form.