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Nominations for KATESOL Board

Biographical Sketches

 Veronica Williams
1st Vice President

    Veronica Williams has been with the Unified School District since 1991.  Since 1996, she has been certified and has endorsements in ESL and in Education Administration, and she has completed a Master of Science in Elementary Education with an emphasis as a Reading Specialist.

    Mrs. Williams has served on committees at the local, state, and national levels in various capacities.  She has been a Minority Representative for the National Education Association (NEA), and she has assisted the Office of Civil Rights with controversial human rights issues in education.

    She was recently nominated to serve on a multi-state Middle School Language Arts symposium in Oklahoma City, OK.  She has also been selected to present on the ESL Curriculum Standards to the State of Kansas School Board of Education in Topeka.

    Veronica has participated in the development of the Kansas State reading assessments.  She currently represents Unified School District 443 as a member of the State of Kansas Reading Committee and Writing Assessment Committee for English Language Learners (ELL), she also serves on the local district ESL Committee and the Foreign Language Student Improvement Model (SIM) Committee.

Bernie Altenhofen


 Bernie Altenhofen  has been the ELL coordinator for the Geary County School District in Junction City for the last two years.  Prior to that she worked as an ELL teacher for three years.  Before coming to this district she was an elementary classroom teacher.   She has a Masters in Elementary education with an emphasis in ESL from KSU. Her name is Mary Bernice; however, everyone but family knows her as "Bernie".  Bernie joined KSTESOL last year.

 Ellen Beckley

Ellen Beckley is an itinerant teacher for KC, KS, so she has the flexibility for attending meetings and helping out wherever needed.  She has been a K-6 classroom teacher, Title I reading teacher, and an ESL teacher for the past 7 years.  She feels that the member-at-large position would fit her level of experience.

 Carol Thompson

 Carol Thompson has served as a past KATESOL Newsletter Editor.

Ballots will be sent out later this spring.