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KATESOL Board Meeting
September 15, 2001

In attendance:

Joyce Drydale
Don Blackman
Mary K. Head
Elaine Fox
Howard Pollock
Christopher Renner

The meeting was called to order by Joyce at 11:04 a.m.

Joyce read the minutes of the last board meeting.  Don moved and Mary seconded that the minutes be approved.  The motion carried.

In Murle’s absence, Mary read the treasurer’s report.  There was a balance of $6971.40 with the only expenses since the last meeting being $100 for mileage.  She also reported that KATESOL had 59 members. 


 Regional workshops – Don said that no action had been taken up to this point as he was waiting to talk with Christopher about them.  There was a discussion about the role of KATESOL with regard to such workshops, who the target audience would be, and the content of the workshops with the need for re-certification points in mind.  Joyce suggested tabling the issue of regional workshops until more information was available. 

Christopher’s Updates – Christopher wanted to know whether or not there would be a merger between KATESOL and NABE.  He said that KATESOL was not meeting the needs of teachers.  Joyce said that she had contacted New Jersey which had combined the two organizations but had had no response from them.  Christopher explained that NABE was a more political organization that lobbied for laws that provide educational services for ESL/BE kids as well as for educational reform.  It was decided that no decision could be made without more information and without all board members present. 

Don’t report for spring conference – Don reported on the proposed schedule and facilities for the spring conference.

Friday, April 19, 2002 – There would be an evening meal (6:00 p.m.) at the Cosmosphere, followed by a keynote speaker (7:00-8:00 p.m.).  Afterwards, a group rate would be available for the 9:00 p.m. show at the Cosmosphere.  The cost for this would be $225 for the facilities plus the price of the meal.  The college dining service was offering the best price ($9.75-$10.75) for that meal. 

Don suggested having someone from the Hutchinson emergency management speak about the effect of disasters on kids.

Saturday, April 20 – The day would be made up of morning sessions in the Sheers Technology Center (7:30 a.m. – noon), followed by lunch and an afternoon keynote speaker in the Stringer Fine Arts Gallery (12:00-2:30 or 3:00). 

There would be four rooms (including one computer lab) plus an atrium at our disposal in Sheers.  After touring the facilities, the board asked Don to look into getting one more room in Sheers that could serve as the book room.  Don said that breakfast would be available in the atrium.  It was suggested that a mid-morning snack also be available. 

Christopher suggested inviting Kristi Orcult of the Hutchinson Service Center to speak on the Six Traits of Reading on Saturday afternoon.

A discussion followed on the numbers that could be expected to attend on Friday (possibly 100) and Saturday (about 150), meals and their cost, and room capacity and arrangements.  It was agreed that one big advantage of the HCC facilities was the availability of a computer lab and equipment like overhead projectors.

Don moved and Elaine seconded that we accept the HCC facilities for the spring conference.  The motion carried.


Job assignments -- There was a discussion on and assignment of duties before and during the conference. 

Conference booklet – Joyce and Christopher

Table decoration – Helen Blackman is making a hanging quilt with KATESL logo)

Registration folders – Murle (plastic name tag holders provided by HCC)

Book room – Mary and Elaine

Speakers – Christopher and Don

Door prizes – Mary

A discussion of what the KATESOL spring conference should be called and possible conflicts with the summer BE conference in Wichita followed.  It was stated that KATESOL needed to provide 10-15 presenters for the summer conference.

The following, suggested by Joyce, was agreed to by consensus:

·        Members will be strongly encouraged to respond to a call for papers for the June conference.

·        An invitation (a general call) will be issued for presenters at the spring event.

 Scholarships/stipend for spring conference – There was a discussion of the cost to KATESOL of the conference and how much should be charged to teachers, students and paras.  Don said that it would cost $30-35 per person to cover our expenses plus $15 for membership fees.  Chris suggested adding the membership cost to the cost of the conference, charging $50 per person.  Joyce was not sure that would be allowed under the bylaws.

Christopher suggested requesting $1000 from the Midwest Equity Assistance Center for scholarships for paras to attend the conference.  Joyce said she would write to Camille Bartett to request the money.

It was agreed by consensus that teachers would be charged $50 which would include registration and membership, and paras and students would pay $45.

Newsletter – Joyce asked Howard if he could get the newsletter out by early October.  She said that she would send him the “President’s Corner” soon. 

There was a discussion on whether or not the membership application should be included in the newsletter since membership fees would be included in the spring conference registration.  It was agreed that it should remain in the newsletter for the September issue.  Also included in the September issue would be information about the spring conference and a call for papers.


Christopher requested that KATESOL co-sponsor and ESOL summer institute at Pittsburgh State University the week of July 22-26, 2002.  Teachers who attend the institute can get credit towards ESOL endorsement.  He said that KATESOL dues could be built into the registration fees so that attendees would become new members of KATESOL.. 

Don moved and Mary seconded that KATESOL give $500 for the institute with the understanding that the board would consider contributing another $500 after discussing it with all board members present at a future meeting.  The motion carried.

Next board meeting – The next meeting of the board will be held on November 10, 2001, from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at the former Marymount campus in Salina.

Mary moved and Elaine seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  The motion carried, and the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.