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KATESOL Board Meeting
Saturday, April 28, 2001
Wichita, Kansas

Board Members present: Joyce Drydale, Shila Moore, Murle Mordy, Mary Head, Elaine Fox, Donald Blackburn, Carol Thompson.

Minutes. Mary moved and Elaine seconded to approve the minutes from the September, 2000, meeting as written. Motion approved.

Treasurer's Report. Shila moved and Mary seconded to approve the report as submitted. Motion approved.

Old Business:

A. New Officers. Shila recognized the new officers, according to the results of the spring election. President: Joyce Drydale, First Vice-President: Donald Blackburn, Second Vice-President: Shila Moore, Member-at-Large: Mary Head. Continuing officers: Sec.-Treasurer: Murle Mordy (one more year) and Member-at-Large: Elaine Fox (one more year). As of this meeting, we do not have any newsletter editor as both Kay and Carol have resigned. Joyce thanked Shila for serving this past year as president.

B. TESOL report. We estimated that there were probably 27 ESOL instructors from Kansas attending the TESOL convention in St. Louis. Murle distributed a report on the Affiliates Workshop and official meeting of the delegates. He also reported that the KATESOL board would need to look at the Midwest Regional Accord agreement and decide if KATESOL would like to be a member of this Accord. Apparently, Michael Mingucci represented us at the initial meeting of prospective member affiliates. Copies of the original Accord agreement and the proposed changes were distributed to each board member for a reply to Joyce and then Murle by May 15. Possible concerns: a) the need to appoint two voting representatives to the Regional Council of the Accord who could represent KATESOL when the Council meets during the TESOL convention and the Midwest Regional Conference. b) If the Regional Conference falls short in conference proceeds because of low attendance, and the host affiliate cannot replenish the start-up fund to at least the minimum level of $2500.00, all member affiliates of the Accord would have to contribute equally to make up the shortfall.

C. Membership drive. Murle distributed a copy of his proposed invitation to membership letter that he said he could send to all ESOL instructors in Kansas who are not members of KATESOL, using a list of elementary/secondary instructors obtained from the Kansas Dept. of Education and various lists of instructors at the college/university level obtained from a letter he sent to all colleges/universities in Kansas that offer ESL programs. Joyce asked Shila to work with Murle on the letter and membership development.

D. Migrant/Bilingual/ESOL Conference. Joyce listed three (3) things that the Conference was requesting from KATESOL for the June meeting.

1) Money. Basically the conference expenses are covered by registration fees. However, the Conference is asking KATESOL to make a contribution to their scholarship fund, which is used to assist ESL students going on for higher education. The Conference would like to provide a scholarship of $250 to each of four students. Carol moved and Don seconded a motion for KATESOL to contribute $100 towards this scholarship project. Motion approved.
2) The Conference has asked KATESOL to set up a booth to help attract members to KATESOL. Booth schedule: Wednesday, June 13 from 9 a.m. to noon: Joyce Wednesday, June 13 from 8 to 9 p.m.: Carol Thursday, June 14 from 8 to 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. to noon: Murle and Mary Joyce will ask the general secretary for the Conference to announce that KATESOL will have a booth. Murle will send the following to Joyce to start using in the booth on Wednesday:

a. Membership letter
b. membership form
c. 10 copies, if possible, of the last newsletter (Dec.)
d. possible poster to put up to invite conference participants to join KATESOL.

3) The Conference is asking us to contribute door prizes (such as Marikay products).

E. Newsletter Editor. Since Carol is resigning, the board members need to look for a new editor. Mary has agreed to continue serving as our webmaster. She will get copy from Carol to put the December, 2000 newsletter on our web site. Goal for 2001: publish a newsletter twice a year and use the web page for announcements and a quarterly update.

New Business

A. KABE joining with KATESOL Joyce stated that two chapters, including West Virginia, have already joined forces with KABE. Concerns: If Chris Renner leaves, would his successor honor any agreement with KABE? What about those who do not support bilingual education and would not want, therefore, to join both organizations? What does the KATESOL constitution stipulate with regard to taking on another group? We might lose KATESOL members if we add bilingual education to our organization. There are only 6 or 7 KABE members at present. Suggested new title with both organizations: KATESOL/KABE We would need one bilingual person on the KATESOL board (by-laws would have to be changed and approved). Suggestion made to invite the 6 or 7 KABE members to be under our umbrella w/o changing our name. Ask other affiliates that have added bilingual education if they changed their names and constitution and if they lost members. This agenda item was tabled for further discussion. Suggestion made to address this issue at the June business meeting and to invite KABE members to the meeting.

B. How to keep our membership informed of ESOL issues Use the web site and newsletter. Should we also use a postcard occasionally? [Murle said he would send a list of renewed members and a list of those with e-mail addresses to Joyce.]

C. Nominating Committee for new officers for 2002 election Shila appointed as chair. + Mary, Carol, and 2 members to be elected at the June business meeting.

D. Annual Conference What kind of annual conference do we want for next year? Regular, traditional type of conference? Or, a regional meeting? For example, going to SW Kansas from noon to 4 p.m. (Saturday?). Colby would like to hold a regional conference. Renner would provide funds for a Saturday workshop. What about a joint conference with the Migrant/Bilingual Conference? Elaine noted that a national migrant conference would be held in St. Louis, April, 2002. She will check on the exact date. Four board members expressed support for the traditional annual conference we have held. The board also suggested lending support to the annual migrant conference in the way of door prizes and perhaps monetary support for the migrant scholarship fund. The board asked Don to check further on using Hutchinson as the site for the 2002 conference (alternate suggestion is McPherson). Don will check on motels (such as the Ramada Inn) and the local community college as the conference location. We would probably need 6 meeting rooms and a room for the banquet. He will check on cost plus cost of motel rooms for those attending. He will also check on the date for Easter, 2002.

Open Agenda
The Board suggested the following items for the business meeting on June 14.
1. KABE venture
2. Nominations for election of members to the Nominating Committee.
3. Oral summary of minutes of the Board since September, 2000. [Murle is to have the complete board minutes available in writing.]
4. Introduction of officers.
5. Introduction of web site (assuming the address has not changed)

The Board will meet at lunch time on June 14 to finalize the agenda of the business meeting at 4:30 p.m. The Board will also meet from 5:30-6:30 p.m. following the business meeting. It was suggested to have the board meet again, then, in September or October.

Respectfully submitted, Murle Mordy, Sec.-Treasurer